I am very fortunate to have a beautiful clinic in North Essex, which I am very proud of, especially this year with it having won ‘Best Clinic South 2023’.

I get huge satisfaction from treating patients with aesthetic procedures, while maintaining the natural look that my patients have. I focus on restoring, maintaining and subtly enhancing my patients so that they can continue to look and feel the best they can in their own skin.

I had a a vision for Facial Aesthetics right from the beginning and that was to be not on the high street. I wanted a clinic that offered a safe haven, a calming space and a discreet location. This is what I have created here and it has developed from being one room for treatments, to the clinic that stands today.

The beautiful setting, is what I always wanted – a safe hideaway for my patients to come and feel they could be completely relaxed and open with me.


When I’m not in my clinic treating, I continue working in other areas including teaching and training.

I work with a training academy called Interface Aesthetics and I have the pleasure of teaching and training new practitioners coming into the industry. This is a real priviledge to be a part of the beginning of these practitioners journies, sparking their interest in aesthetics and being able to really help set their standarsd high from the beginning.

I am also privildeged to sit on the UK faculty for HA Derma and I get to teach and train in a wonderful treatment, that is close to my heart – Profhilo.

I also am a mentor. This means that I get approached by other practitioners with regards to mentoring them and helping them on their joruney whatever that may be.

I am also fortunate to get to sit on the Faculty for ZO Skin Health, a wonderful company who create skincare that I recommend to many of my patients due to it’s really incredible uses.

Finally I get to write. I get to put down my ideas, thoughts and experiences on paper and I am very blessed to have had lots of this published.

So even though my heart is in my clinic. I really love having these other strings to my bow which I feel help make me a better practitioner.

My name is Julie Scott and if you are new to my website or social media, I wanted to introduce myself, give you some information about me, give you some background on my journey and how I got to where I am today.

It has been a journey spanning over 30 years working as a nurse originally with a background in Plastic Surgery nursing which I did for 14-15 years and then moving forwards into working in aesthetics for over the last 20 years.

I would not be where I am today, without the team and support around me. Fundamentally my husband who has been there for me from the very beginning of Facial Aesthetics. You may not see him but he is what I call the ‘core’ of the business. Without him, Facial Aesthetics would not be what it is.

I also have my team in clinic, who not only support me but they support all of my patients, making sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. They also ensure that all of my lovely patients are looked after.

I have a network of experts and colleagues who I can refer my patients to, including consultant plastic surgeons, dermatologists, women’s health consultanta and a nutritionist. To be able to offer my patients a holistic 360 degree approach to their care.

While there has been huge growth in many areas, I am still at the core of Facial Aesthetics, I haven’t changed nor have my fundamental ethics and ethos – Patient Centred Care.

This last year I have been so fortunate to have won both Aesthetic Nurse of the Year 2022 and Best Clinic South 2023 at the Aesthetic Awards.

Acalades such as these are something I am so proud of. To know I have the support of my patients, colleagues and other members of the aesthetic community is really meaningful to me.

I want to thank my wonderful patients, for always supporting me, turning up with smiling faces and making my small business what is is.

My journey continues and I do not quite know what the next year will hold for me but I look forward to continuing to treat you all, continuing to grow my business and continuing to educate and train.