This last year has been a year of fantastic opportunities for me.

With opportunities within the industry, presenting, conferences and mentorship, it has been a busy but wonderful year.

I am so grateful for everyone who has supported me over the last year – my colleagues, my friends in the industry, my friends outside of the industry, my husband, my family and all of you, my incredibly supportive patients.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to have won the Aesthetic Awards Best Nurse Practitioner 2022. This award meant the world to me, to know I have the support of the local community and my peers was indescribably meaningful and I cannot express how grateful I am.



Then to follow, this year with our winning the Aesthetic Awards Best Clinic South 2023 was such an accomplishment.

Back when I started in Aesthetics, working out of a hospital in London, I visited a clinic and saw what I wanted. Discreet, out of the way, beautiful and relaxing. I realised this was exactly what I wanted and I took a picture of this, printed it and attached it to my fridge.

I dreamed one day to own a clinic that was all of these things and was also a home to me.

I am so priviledged to be able to say that winning these awards really brought back all of this to me and was a reminder that I managed to acheieve that refridgerator dream.

It is thanks to all of my wonderfully supportive patients that I have managed to build the business I once dreamed of.

So this blog is a way of thanking all of you for allowing me to live my dream. Thank you all for your support now and always.