Hannah Wood – Clinic Coordinator

“I love working in aesthetics because I get to see people walk out the door happier and more confident than they were when they walked in. In my opinion, Facial Aesthetics is the top of the top in delivering this experience to its patients and I’m very excited to join the team.”

Hi there, I’m Hannah! I’m thrilled to be the new clinic coordinator here at Facial Aesthetics.

To introduce myself, I’ve worked in spas and clinics since I was a teenager and it didn’t take me long to realise it is an industry I feel at home in and have a true passion for. However, after earning my Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University, I took a few years away from the industry to hone my marketing skills, work for a wide range of small businesses in marketing and operations roles.

Now, I’m thrilled to work in to the aesthetics industry and work for Facial Aesthetics as Julie’s right-hand woman. Whether you call, text, or email us, I’ll be happy to help you! And if you’ve noticed a change in Julie’s email newsletters or social media, I’m behind that too.

So, if you call for an appointment and hear an American accent answer the phone, don’t be surprised! I’m really looking forward to meeting you soon.

Hannah Wood | Meet the Team | Facial Aesthetics by Julie Scott

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