Julie Scott wins Aesthetic Medicine Nurse Practitioner 2024!

Julie Scott wins Aesthetic Medicine Nurse Practitioner 2024!

Winning Nurse Practitioner of the Year at the Aesthetic Medicine Awards…….

I’m grateful beyond words for this latest recognition. Every day, I’m reminded of the privilege it is to treat and make a difference in the lives of my patients . While I’ve been fortunate enough to receive other awards, each one fills me with immense gratitude and reinforces my dedication to my profession.

I never take these honors for granted; I dedicate these to every patient, colleague, and mentor who has inspired and supported me along my journey.

I have a heart full of gratitude 🙏
a few tears were shed…upon receiving this news, a poignant reminder for me of the profound impact nursing has on my life.

I have so much respect and admiration to all the incredible nurses who were shortlisted alongside me; your dedication and compassion are truly inspiring.

A heartfelt thank you to my dearest friends and colleagues who were by my side last night 🥰 to the sponsor @crystalclearskincare 🙏 and of course the event organiser @aestheticmed_live for this meaningful recognition.

My mum would have been very proud! This one is for you my darling Mum ❤️


An Award Winning Nurses Skincare Regime

An Award Winning Nurses Skincare Regime

As an Aesthetic nurse, I often get asked by my patients about my skincare regime and what products I use. It is really important here to remember that skincare is never ‘one size fits all’ and although these products work best for me, they may not suit you. If in doubt, always consult with your skincare specialist and ask if you feel you are missing something from your regime.

Having said this, some of these products I have been using for years and we should all, for example, an SPF. Whilst the SPF I choose may not be the one for you, bare in mind that we should ALL wear one every day.


My Morning Skincare Regime

In the morning I always start out with my ZO Hydrating Cleanser. This is a real hero product and removes oils from my skin, hydrates me and nourishes my skin.


The second step of my skincare regime is a spring water spray. I use a water spray to give me a lightweight refreshing spritz to hydrate and revitalise my face before I put any products on it.


I follow this with the ZO Illuminating AOX Serum. This product is wonderful for reducing the early signs of ageing and also provides environmental protection and is particularly good for people who work in high pollution environemnts.

Next I use the terrific ZO 10% VItamin C Self Activating product. Everyone should have a Vitamin C product in their regime. This product provides powerful antioxidants to protect the skin. It also helps remove surface discolouration. Vitamin C is brightening, protecting and powerful and I cannot recommend a Vitamin C product for your skincare regime, highly enough.

The third step of my skincare regime is the Dr Levy Eye Booster Concentrate. This wonderful product contaqine stem cells and is intensely rejuvinating. I adore the Dr Levy products, but especially the ones containing stem cells. The revitalising properties of these products is something I have found in very few other products and is the reason Dr Levy has been a must for me for quite a long time now.

Next, I use my ZO Intense Eye Creme. This fantastic product contains the wonder chemical retinol – which many of you may not know is also know as Vitamin A. This product visibly reduces wrinkles and helps protect against free radicals, one big cause of ageing and skin damage.






Lastly but by no means least, we have our SPF. ANyone who has been to see me, knows how much I advocate for the wearing of SPF every day.

I tend to switch between different SPFs depending on the season and just how I feel each day. My current top 3 would be:

HydroPeptide Solar Defense  Tinted SPF 30. This product provides you with a wonderful glow and smells divine as well.

ZO SPF + Primer. This product is wonderful for wearing with makeup, acting as a priming base while ensuring you wear your sun protection.

Lastly, ZO SPF + Powder. This product is wonderful as it comes in a owder form. It comes in 3 diffferent shades, medium, light and dark and allows you to top up your SPF throughout the day without affecting your makeup. You simply brush the powder on over your makeup and it provides you with your sun protection that can be topped up easily at any time.





Once you have your regime in place, I cannot stress enough the importance of sticking to it. Ensuring you use these products daily is so important to getting the best results and taking care of your skin the best you can.

If you’re in doubt about what you should be using or how we can help, please get in touch and arrange a consultation where we can talk about your skin and what products would be right for you.

Julie Scott wins Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner 2024!

Julie Scott wins Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner 2024!

Winning Nurse Practitioner of the Year at the Aesthetic Awards…….

It was a true honour to be awarded the Nurse Practitioner of the Year 2024. The first time I won this award I’m 2022, I was truly humbled, but my ever-wavering commitment to our industry has inspired me to strive to continue pursuing my dreams.

I walked on stage with all of my incredible colleagues and friends with me in my mind, especially my husband. The support you have continually shown me is not metaphorical at all – it has been the true authenticity in your kindness that has got me here.

Without my patients, I would be merely a book without a reader. You have written the lines of this story I live day in and day out. From the roots of my memorable patients in the NHS, to the blooms of my brilliant current patients – you have all sculpted me into the nurse I am today.

This award marks not just my successes in the industry – but to all the nurses shortlisted in my category. In particular, @larkin.aine for her work in regulation in Northern Ireland, making our industry safer.
@nurse_khatra for her surgical clinical advancements and being a beautiful human being and @aestheticallyyou for her facial palsy mastery. All these nurses truly change lives.

And finally, thank you to the amazing @aestheticsjournaluk and @evolus for both supporting the category, and for proving the myriad of aesthetic opportunities and events.


Muscle Relaxants and Toxin Injections

Muscle Relaxants and Toxin Injections

What are muscle relaxants?

Muscle relaxants are a big part of what we do hear at Facial Aesthetics. Botulinum toxin, often refered to by one of its’ brand names, is a form of muscle relaxant.

Muscle relaxants are used to treat fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet. As a muscle relaxant, botulinum toxin can also be used to treat medical conditions such as, facial spasms, headaches, teeth grinding and exessive tearing.


How does the treatment work?

Small amounts of the toxin are injected into specific muscles using either a canula or needle. The sensation has been described by one of our patients as similar to ‘having your eyebrows threaded’, it is a small scratching sensation as the needle or canula is inserted.

What aftercare is advised?

Please do not massage or press on the area that has been treated. Apply only minimal cosmetics on the day of treatment, avoiding the injected area as much as possible and also please avoid applying skincare products to the site for at least 12 hours after the injections. These guidelines are to help you avoid potential risks of infection.

Please be aware that certain medications including aspirin can increase your risk of bruising, however, we do not recommend that you stop taking medication that you have been prescribed.

Please avoid alcohol for 24 hours before and after your treatment as this can act as a blood thinner and increase the risks of the treatment.



How long do the effects last for?

The effects from muscle relaxants begin to appear within a few days, with the maximum effect being being seen around day 30 of treatment.

Toxin injection results typically last 3-4 months however, after having had injections repeatedly, your body can develop resistance to the toxin and so results can be less effective and the frequency of injections may need to be increased.

Can anyone have the treatment?

People who are pregnant, breast feeding or planning to become pregnant in the next three months cannot be administered toxin. This is because of the unknown side effects and minimal studies into pregnancy and toxin due to ethical reasons.

We also do not treat anyone under the age of 18 with toxin injections.

We would also not administer toxin within two weeks of any surgery requiring general anaesthesia, due to contraindications.


Getting to know Julie Scott – The Road so far…

Getting to know Julie Scott – The Road so far…

I am very fortunate to have a beautiful clinic in North Essex, which I am very proud of, especially this year with it having won ‘Best Clinic South 2023’.

I get huge satisfaction from treating patients with aesthetic procedures, while maintaining the natural look that my patients have. I focus on restoring, maintaining and subtly enhancing my patients so that they can continue to look and feel the best they can in their own skin.

I had a a vision for Facial Aesthetics right from the beginning and that was to be not on the high street. I wanted a clinic that offered a safe haven, a calming space and a discreet location. This is what I have created here and it has developed from being one room for treatments, to the clinic that stands today.

The beautiful setting, is what I always wanted – a safe hideaway for my patients to come and feel they could be completely relaxed and open with me.


When I’m not in my clinic treating, I continue working in other areas including teaching and training.

I work with a training academy called Interface Aesthetics and I have the pleasure of teaching and training new practitioners coming into the industry. This is a real priviledge to be a part of the beginning of these practitioners journies, sparking their interest in aesthetics and being able to really help set their standarsd high from the beginning.

I am also privildeged to sit on the UK faculty for HA Derma and I get to teach and train in a wonderful treatment, that is close to my heart – Profhilo.

I also am a mentor. This means that I get approached by other practitioners with regards to mentoring them and helping them on their joruney whatever that may be.

I am also fortunate to get to sit on the Faculty for ZO Skin Health, a wonderful company who create skincare that I recommend to many of my patients due to it’s really incredible uses.

Finally I get to write. I get to put down my ideas, thoughts and experiences on paper and I am very blessed to have had lots of this published.

So even though my heart is in my clinic. I really love having these other strings to my bow which I feel help make me a better practitioner.

My name is Julie Scott and if you are new to my website or social media, I wanted to introduce myself, give you some information about me, give you some background on my journey and how I got to where I am today.

It has been a journey spanning over 30 years working as a nurse originally with a background in Plastic Surgery nursing which I did for 14-15 years and then moving forwards into working in aesthetics for over the last 20 years.

I would not be where I am today, without the team and support around me. Fundamentally my husband who has been there for me from the very beginning of Facial Aesthetics. You may not see him but he is what I call the ‘core’ of the business. Without him, Facial Aesthetics would not be what it is.

I also have my team in clinic, who not only support me but they support all of my patients, making sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. They also ensure that all of my lovely patients are looked after.

I have a network of experts and colleagues who I can refer my patients to, including consultant plastic surgeons, dermatologists, women’s health consultanta and a nutritionist. To be able to offer my patients a holistic 360 degree approach to their care.

While there has been huge growth in many areas, I am still at the core of Facial Aesthetics, I haven’t changed nor have my fundamental ethics and ethos – Patient Centred Care.

This last year I have been so fortunate to have won both Aesthetic Nurse of the Year 2022 and Best Clinic South 2023 at the Aesthetic Awards.

Acalades such as these are something I am so proud of. To know I have the support of my patients, colleagues and other members of the aesthetic community is really meaningful to me.

I want to thank my wonderful patients, for always supporting me, turning up with smiling faces and making my small business what is is.

My journey continues and I do not quite know what the next year will hold for me but I look forward to continuing to treat you all, continuing to grow my business and continuing to educate and train.



My Recent Awards

My Recent Awards

This last year has been a year of fantastic opportunities for me.

With opportunities within the industry, presenting, conferences and mentorship, it has been a busy but wonderful year.

I am so grateful for everyone who has supported me over the last year – my colleagues, my friends in the industry, my friends outside of the industry, my husband, my family and all of you, my incredibly supportive patients.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to have won the Aesthetic Awards Best Nurse Practitioner 2022. This award meant the world to me, to know I have the support of the local community and my peers was indescribably meaningful and I cannot express how grateful I am.



Then to follow, this year with our winning the Aesthetic Awards Best Clinic South 2023 was such an accomplishment.

Back when I started in Aesthetics, working out of a hospital in London, I visited a clinic and saw what I wanted. Discreet, out of the way, beautiful and relaxing. I realised this was exactly what I wanted and I took a picture of this, printed it and attached it to my fridge.

I dreamed one day to own a clinic that was all of these things and was also a home to me.

I am so priviledged to be able to say that winning these awards really brought back all of this to me and was a reminder that I managed to acheieve that refridgerator dream.

It is thanks to all of my wonderfully supportive patients that I have managed to build the business I once dreamed of.

So this blog is a way of thanking all of you for allowing me to live my dream. Thank you all for your support now and always.