What NOT to do for clear teen skin!

What NOT to do for clear teen skin!

Teen skin health – it can be tricky!

Hello, I’m Théa and I’m 14. Many of my peers are beginning to think about their skincare, especially sun creams and spots. So I decided to ask my mum, an aesthetic nurse prescriber and skincare expert, about all the DOs and DON’Ts of teen skin. Her answers gave me loads to think about!

Here’s our interview video:


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My favourite tips from this were to wear sunscreen every day (which my mum has had me doing every day without fail since I was small!) and to not worry too much about anti-ageing. At this point of my friends and my lives, it’s about protecting our skin. We want to make sure we’re healthy whilst having fun, not worrying too much about the future!

I also like the tip about not picking at spots. It may seem strange because so many of my friends want to pop their spots as soon as they come up. But what they may not realise is that, like my mum said, it can actually create more spots and scarring. I think a lot of my mum’s patients will tell you that pockmarks and hyperpigmentation are not fun to remove in the future.

This was such a great opportunity for me to speak to my mum more about these common concerns. I hope you found the video to be helpful! If there are any other questions you have, please leave them in the comments below.


Théa’s Teen Skin Blog

Théa’s Teen Skin Blog


My name is Théa; I am 14 years old and the daughter of Julie Scott at Facial Aesthetics. I have been gifted with an amazing mum who can give me a wealth of advice when it comes down to skin, and I would really love to share my journey with you.

In this teen skin blog, I will be reviewing and experiencing different cleansers, masks, facials and much, much more and taking you with me.

Firstly, I will give you a bit of background about me: I adore animals, I have two goats and love horse riding. My favourite subjects are chemistry and biology, which may have a link to my fascination with skin and I have even queried whether I should delve into the industry … or become and equine vet! From a young age of about 11 I started using skin products with the guidance of my mum. She always said prevention is better than cure, and she was right! I truly believe that if I hadn’t cared about my skin then I would be in a very different position now.

If you have any daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, a neighbour or if you yourself are a teen this will be a great place for me to explain to you the fluctuations and variety of teen skin and how you can seek new information and products. This is going to be a adventure of teen skin! So please follow me on my quest… and follow our instagram account @facial_aethetics and I will be giving updates when I upload a new blog! 



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