Excessive sweating can be emotionally distressing for the 3% of sufferers nationally, but rest assured that help is at hand with our successful hyperhidrosis treatments.

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Condition Overview

Although sweating is your body’s way of maintaining body temperature, some people suffer from the medical condition hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. The cause of excessive sweating is unknown, it could possibly have genetic links and the onset can occur at any time and the condition results in the sensitivity and over-activity of the sweat glands.

The condition whether mild or severe can have a negative impact on a sufferer’s image and self-esteem. That is why at Facial Aesthetics we aim to improve your concerns and is why we are known as the best for Excess Sweating in Essex.

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Treatments utilised to treat excessive sweating:

Excessive Sweating can easily be resolved by injecting Muscle Relaxant into the affected area, such as underarms, this prevents the glands producing sweat. It has been shown it can reduce sweating by up to 90% and the results generally last between six and nine months.

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The power of positive reviews is why at Facial Aesthetics North Essex Skin Care Clinic, many of our clients refer us to friends and family, and why we are regarded as the best for skin health in Essex. We are an Expert Skin Care Clinic near Chelmsford Essex


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