The Emepelle regime contains a host of active ingredients including retinol, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. But what makes Emepelle totally different to even the best traditional anti-ageing creams is that it also contains MEP Technology®.

MEP Technology® is a new kind of ingredient that rejuvenates menopausal skin. It encourages the skin to behave as if the oestrogen were still there. MEP doesn’t add oestrogen to the body. Instead, it helps key skin cells work the way they did before menopause, when they were being stimulated by oestrogen. This process helps restore lost collagen and vitality. Resulting in younger-looking skin that’s hydrated, brighter and firmer.


+54% Increase In Hydration


+39% Increase in Luminosity


+19% Increase in Firmness

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Why use it: Women’s oestrogen levels naturally decline as we age, meaning the collagen levels in our skin also decline by up to 30% over five years. This causes a variety of skin concerns such as dryness, dullness, increased lines and wrinkles, sagging and uneven skin tone.

What it does:  Emepelle, featuring revolutionary MEP Technology® reinvigorates the skin’s natural functions to combat the skin concerns women typically experience during menopause.

Cost: Serum + Night Cream Duo £300

*Results vary by patient


What Patients Are Saying

I can wholeheartedly recommend Julie at Facial Aesthetics. I have been going to Julie for a couple of years now and can honestly say my skin is better than ever. Julie’s approach is friendly but very professional and she always puts me at my ease. The premises are always immaculate, clean, comfortable and situated in lovely surroundings.”

From the moment that you arrive until the time that you leave you are treated with such special care. Julie is a perfectionist and I’m always delighted with the results.”

I cannot recommend Julie enough, not only is she extremely professional and knows everything inside out. She is so calm, lovely and goes through everything in such a personable way to suit you. I would not go anywhere else. Julie has helped me so much with my skin, taken me through a process which has left me feeling so much more comfortable and happier.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Emepelle suitable for all skin types?

Both Emepelle Serum and Emepelle Night Cream are suitable for all skin types. 

When you begin to notice menopausal symptoms such as irregular periods, hot flushes and night sweats, it’s a sign that your oestrogen levels may be declining. This is the ideal time start using Emepelle.

The unique MEP Technology found in Emepelle will help target the accelerated collagen loss and skin ageing caused by declining oestrogen levels. What’s more, both Emepelle Serum and Emepelle Night Cream Serum contain other advanced ingredients such as antioxidants, niacinamide, peptides, hyaluronic acid and retinol to provide all the ingredients needed to change menopausal skin ageing.


Can I use Emepelle products before menopause?

In the lead up to menopause (perimenopause), oestrogen levels begin to decline. Emepelle® is ideal for using during perimenopause as well as post-menopause. Both Emepelle Serum and Emepelle Night Cream contain a blend of powerful ingredients such as niacinamide, peptides, and retinols that perimenopausal women will benefit from.

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I am post menopause; will Emepelle still be effective for me?

Absolutely! Many of the participants in the clinical studies have been post-menopausal. Although, it’s best to start using Emepelle as soon as you notice signs of menopause, even post menopause oestrogen receptors can be activated and stimulated, causing the active ingredients in Emepelle to work on your skin.

How do I use Emepelle?

To gain the full benefits of MEP Technology, we recommended using both Emepelle Serum and Emepelle Night Cream in your daily skincare regime. For best results, use Emepelle Serum in the morning and Emepelle Night Cream in the evening.

Skin affected by menopause can be thinner, more fragile and more sensitive to the powerful combination of active ingredients found in Emepelle Night Cream. This means some people can experience mild irritation when introducing the Night Cream to their regime.

To acclimatise your skin, we recommend using Emepelle Night Cream just three times a week for the first two weeks, increasing to four times a week in week three, and five times a week in week five. If you do experience irritation, discontinue until this clears; then gradually introduce Emepelle Night Cream back into your regime using the Step Up Programme.

We don’t recommend using Emepelle Night Cream twice a day as it contains retinol and has been formulated especially for nighttime use. For best results, supported by clinical studies, we recommend using Emepelle Serum in the morning and Emepelle Night Cream in the evening.

    Will Emepelle® cause oestrogen levels to increase in the body?

    No, MEP doesn’t add oestrogen to the body. Instead it rejuvenates menopausal skin by encouraging the skin to behave as if the oestrogen were still there, encouraging key skin cells to activate new oestrogen receptors.

    MEP creates effects in the skin but nowhere else in the body because it is converted to an inactive metabolite in the bloodstream.

    I am on hormone replacement therapy (HRT); can I use Emepelle®?

    We currently do not have clinical data of users using HRT and Emepelle® products. However, because MEP is converted to an inactive metabolite in the bloodstream, it should have no effect on an HRT regimen.

    Why we love Emepelle:


    Emepelle® delivers clinically proven results. 


    Oestrogen is an essential ingredient in maintaining healthy skin. It activates oestrogen receptors in key skin cells, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to promote healthy skin and a vibrant looking appearance.


    As oestrogen levels decrease during menopause, the skin loses a large amount of collagen over a short space of time.


    • 30% loss of skin’s collagen within the first five years of menopause1
    • 1% loss of skin’s collagen in each subsequent year1
    • 1% decline in skin thickness in each postmenopausal year1 

    This is the reason why as you approach and go through menopause, you’ll probably notice some big changes to your skin. Increased dryness, sagging, dullness, more wrinkles; it’s all normal. The good news is, you can take control and redefine how your skin ages.


    Reference 1: Archer DF. Postmenopausal skin and oestrogen. Gynecol Endocrinol. 2012;28)


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