As an Aesthetic nurse, I often get asked by my patients about my skincare regime and what products I use. It is really important here to remember that skincare is never ‘one size fits all’ and although these products work best for me, they may not suit you. If in doubt, always consult with your skincare specialist and ask if you feel you are missing something from your regime.

Having said this, some of these products I have been using for years and we should all, for example, an SPF. Whilst the SPF I choose may not be the one for you, bare in mind that we should ALL wear one every day.


My Morning Skincare Regime

In the morning I always start out with my ZO Hydrating Cleanser. This is a real hero product and removes oils from my skin, hydrates me and nourishes my skin.


The second step of my skincare regime is a spring water spray. I use a water spray to give me a lightweight refreshing spritz to hydrate and revitalise my face before I put any products on it.


I follow this with the ZO Illuminating AOX Serum. This product is wonderful for reducing the early signs of ageing and also provides environmental protection and is particularly good for people who work in high pollution environemnts.

Next I use the terrific ZO 10% VItamin C Self Activating product. Everyone should have a Vitamin C product in their regime. This product provides powerful antioxidants to protect the skin. It also helps remove surface discolouration. Vitamin C is brightening, protecting and powerful and I cannot recommend a Vitamin C product for your skincare regime, highly enough.

The third step of my skincare regime is the Dr Levy Eye Booster Concentrate. This wonderful product contaqine stem cells and is intensely rejuvinating. I adore the Dr Levy products, but especially the ones containing stem cells. The revitalising properties of these products is something I have found in very few other products and is the reason Dr Levy has been a must for me for quite a long time now.

Next, I use my ZO Intense Eye Creme. This fantastic product contains the wonder chemical retinol – which many of you may not know is also know as Vitamin A. This product visibly reduces wrinkles and helps protect against free radicals, one big cause of ageing and skin damage.






Lastly but by no means least, we have our SPF. ANyone who has been to see me, knows how much I advocate for the wearing of SPF every day.

I tend to switch between different SPFs depending on the season and just how I feel each day. My current top 3 would be:

HydroPeptide Solar Defense  Tinted SPF 30. This product provides you with a wonderful glow and smells divine as well.

ZO SPF + Primer. This product is wonderful for wearing with makeup, acting as a priming base while ensuring you wear your sun protection.

Lastly, ZO SPF + Powder. This product is wonderful as it comes in a owder form. It comes in 3 diffferent shades, medium, light and dark and allows you to top up your SPF throughout the day without affecting your makeup. You simply brush the powder on over your makeup and it provides you with your sun protection that can be topped up easily at any time.





Once you have your regime in place, I cannot stress enough the importance of sticking to it. Ensuring you use these products daily is so important to getting the best results and taking care of your skin the best you can.

If you’re in doubt about what you should be using or how we can help, please get in touch and arrange a consultation where we can talk about your skin and what products would be right for you.