Nurse prescriber and clinical director of Facial Aesthetics Julie Scott was asked by Metro to comment on a dangerous new TikTok trend. The trend involves pouring hot wax over the entirety of one’s face, and removing it all at once.

This is a dangerous activity that may cause skin damage and suffocation and we urge everyone to avoid it. As quoted by the article…

“In the videos, cotton swabs are used to create air passages to allow the person being covered to breathe while the wax hardens, but Julie Scott, Clinical Director of Facial Aesthetics and Etre Vous expert, said there was still a danger of someone suffocating.

She said that the trend was a ‘terrible idea’.

‘What concerns me most is that people with vulnerable skin are watching these videos and getting inspired to try this “trend” themselves when it could cause serious problems such as burns, skin tearing, bleeding, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or aggravate and spread existing conditions such as acne,’ she said.”

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