With the hormonal surges of pregnancy sometimes resulting in significant skin changes – acne breakouts, patches of pigmentation, or the infamous ‘mask of pregnancy’ can all be an unwelcome possibility!  How you treat these changes could result in more significant problems.

In this fabulously informative article for Etre Vous – Julie Scott, Clinical Director of Facial Aesthetics, gives her expert opinion to Rebecca Barnes about the treatments to be avoided during pregnancy.

Rebecca explains in the article..

Eliminating potentially toxic or harmful ingredients from our beauty regimes is becoming more and more the norm, but during pregnancy you’ll want to be extra vigilant.

Your instinct will be to do what’s best for both your body and your baby, which means paying closer attention to what you are using in the name of beauty.

But just because an ingredient is natural, botanical or organic doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good choice when you’re pregnant. Some essential oils are off the list during pregnancy, for example.

Julie collaborates by sharing her knowledge around treatments to avoid and it really is worth a read for any mum-to-be!

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