With summer fast approaching, the subject on everyone’s mind should be sunscreen.  Rebecca Barnes for Etre Vous writes:

We trust them with our faces, bodies and skin, so we have total faith in their judgement when it comes to credible SPF protection against harmful UV and infrared rays.

So what sunscreens do our favourite aesthetics professionals use on their own skin and why? We get the lowdown and glean some excellent tips from them to boot…

Amongst other experts, Julie Scott tells us which are her “go-to” sunscreens ..

For me, a sunscreen has to tick quite a few boxes. It’s a given that it should offer broad spectrum protection, but that’s not enough – it also has to feel elegant on the skin so that my patients look forward to putting it on.

With that said, some patients need a boost of hydration, others don’t want any added oils, and some want their sunscreen to provide luminosity.

One hero of mine is Heliocare Oil Free Gel which is loved by my younger, acne-prone skin patients. It absorbs quickly and the matte formula is perfect for oily skin. Heliocare Invisible Spray is perfect for the body because its spray formula is so easy to use.

However, ZO Skin Health sunscreens are to me, truly elegant. Particular favourites are Smart Tone because of its amazing quality to blend into every skin tone and give a little colour; I also love Sunscreen Primer – it’s velvet in a bottle and will keep your makeup in place all day. ZO sunscreens are fantastic because they provide HEV protection as well as UVA and UVB.

Overall, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to sunscreen – it’s about finding what texture and tone works for you.

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