So how does it work?

During your appointment we will collect buccal swab, a few extra details such as weight and blood pressure, and a questionnaire from you. From there, your results will be sent off for processing. Your report will then be generated and you’ll receive a referral to Sascha, our highly respected dietician, who can interpret the report for you and make personalised recommendations for optimal weight, gut, skin, and overall health.

NutriGen is beneficial for anyone who: 
  • Wants to understand how their genetics affect their body weight.
  • Would like to have the optimal diet plan according to their body characteristics.
With NutriGen you will receive:

A fully personalised diet plan

You will receive a diet plan exclusively designed to help you reach your target.

Genetic factors explanation

By analyzing 384 genetic variations, you will receive a complete report that will help you understand your body better and how to provide it with the nutrients it really needs.

Specialist support

Your nutritionist will now better understand your genetic characteristics and how they relate to your body weight.

Once in a lifetime test

Your genetic ressults will not change during your lifetime.

Here at Facial Aesthetics, you may be surprised to hear we offer treaments other than Aesthetic treatments. I work closesly with a nutritionist and a women’s health expert along with various other experts in fields that would be out of my scope of practice.

One of these treatments we offer, we call Nutrigen by a company called Fagron Genetics. This is genetic testing that allows us to look at your unique genetic variation to explore your personalised dietary requirements. This also allows us to offer specialised dietary advice for a variety of conditions including hormonal imbalances, weight disorders, metabolism issues and disease prevention.