Has spending time on Zoom and in lockdown tempted you to dabble in aesthetic treatments? You’re not alone say the experts!            Etre Vous have explored the way that Covid and repeated lockdowns have caused patients to act. Ingeborg van Lotringen writes:

the depressing hopelessness of Covid and repeated lockdowns has caused somewhat of a shift in attitude, bringing into focus the notion that all our progress and knowledge may not necessarily help us live longer, but should at least allow us to live better.

A surge in interest in any form of ‘self-care’ is extending into aesthetic clinics, with practitioners reporting a loss of ‘tweakment inhibitions’ among their regulars.

Julie Scott, Clinic Director of Facial Aesthetics explains:

“I think patients feel so much has been taken from them this year, they want to keep control in any way they can. Accessing the tools to come out of this triumphantly, looking fantastic, is empowering.”

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