When Judy Murray, mum of Wimbledon tennis champion Sir Andy Murray, opened up about recent facial transformation, Julie along with other experts were approached by Etre Vous to explain the type of treatment that Ms Murray had undertaken, and its benefits.

Journalist Karen Heath describes the treatment:

RF microneedling – or fractional radio frequency as it’s sometimes called – brings together two highly effective salon treatments by injecting RF energy deep into the skin with a series of needles. This stimulates collagen and elastin production by creating tiny controlled micro-traumas in the skin, causing a healing response.

At Facial Aesthetics, Julie loves to use this treatment for a wide range of patients and explains its suitability..

Nurse Prescriber and Etre Vous expert Julie Scott from Facial Aesthetics, who uses the Endymed Intensif, says: “It is suitable for all skin types – no matter how light or dark your skin is, you can have RF microneedling to treat more challenging skin issues without the risk that there would be with a laser for example – as well as slightly younger patients to plump and boost the skin,” she says.

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