In September, Etre Vous reached out to Julie Scott, Clinical Director of Facial Aesthetics for her recommendations for the effective treatment of necklace bands or ‘tech neck’, as it is sometimes now referred to!  This problem has been compounded by the 21st century lifestyle that leads us to our spend vast amounts of our time looking down into smartphones or laptops.

Along with other leading experts, Julie has suggested some treatments:

Treating these muscles with botulinum toxin injections can relax the muscles, therefore tightening the tone of the skin and reducing necklace lines. The next option, Profhilo, can greatly improve the texture and tone of the skin. This ‘bioremodeller’ works beneath the skin to improve laxity and firmness. So rather than treating the muscles in isolation like toxin does, it works on the skin overall to make it appear more youthful and hydrated. Lastly, probably my favourite treatment for necklace lines is skin boosters.

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