The trials I have been carrying out have shown astonishing results after the patients have recieved only 2 low intensity treatments.

We have seen improvement in patients with existing scars, an evening out of pigmentation and skin tone and improvements with inflammation and rosacea.

However, as I mentioned above, this has been a bit controversial recently. Well, this is because the wonderful Alice Hart Davies, recently underwent the NeoGen plasma treatment. However, she opted for 1 medium intensity treatment, followed by 1 really high intensity treatment instead of the recommended 6-10 low intensity treatments. She did this, as she wanted to experience, really the most that the NeoGen could do.

After seeing my patients results. researching the treatment further and receiving a round of this muself, I have decided that I am going to bring NeoGen to Facial Aesthetics in the coming months.

We are not yet taking bookings for this treatment, but if you would like to get on the wait list for when we open the books for this really special procedure, please do get in touch and we will contact you as soon as we start taking appointments.

NeoGen Plasma has been a really controversial subject recently and I wanted to address the elephant in the room for a few reasons.

Firstly, I have recently been running some trials on the NeoGen Plasma with some wonderful patients of mine.

The NeoGen provides specific and targeted, rejuvenation, skin tightening, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and an improvement to discolouration and pigmentation problems.



People saw the post treatment photos of Alice and panicked, thinking that this was a mistake or there was an issue with the treatment.

Alice was fully aware that the recovery process would be intense and with a lengthy recovery time due to her decision to have the treatment in the way that she did.

Alice has gone on to still recommend the treatment and is really pleased with her results, however, recommends the multiple low intensity treatments as opposed to receiving the medium and high treatment.