It all begins with a consultation…

Our Patients’ Journeys start with a consultation.

The consultation is the core of everything we do here at Facial Aesthetics.

This begins with a warm welcome from our clinic team when you arrive. They will greet you and seat you in our lovely waiting room with a glass of water. If you have any nerves or concerns before your appointment, our patient coordinators will help ease your nerves until I am ready for you.

I will come and collect you from the waiting room and check you are comfortable coming into my treatment room. We can provide a chaperone for your consultation if you would prefer somebody come in with you.

I will then dedicate the next 45 minutes solely to you and how you are feeling. We will talk through your conerns, anything that you are looking to alter or improve and then discuss all of our treatments that align with those concerns, to give you a variety of options if appropriate.

I will take a medical history, any medications you are on and discuss any concerns to your health to ensure we are clinically safe to provide these treatments.


The Journey continues with your first appointment…

When you arrive for your first treatment with either myself or one of my colleagues, we understand that you may feel nervous, anxious or just a little trepidatious. This is completely normal and I will do my best to alleviate your worries while ensuring you do want to go ahead with the treatment.

It is important for us both to know that your nerves come from a place of anticipation as opposed to a doubt on whether this is right for you. 

After your treatment, we will email you over some aftercare and advice to help you post treatment and ensure that your treatment is encouraged and not hindered in the coming days.

Each Journey is Unique

I believe that no two patients journeys will ever be the same. Whether it is your reason for coming to see me, the treatments you have or the skincare I recommend, every patients journey is uniquely them and this is why I insist on a consultation for every patient before treatment, to ensure that their treatments and journey are tailor made to suit their needs and requirements. 

The Patient Journey

Anyone who knows me or has worked with me previously, knows that to me the patient journey is paramount to what we do here at Facial Aesthetics.

It takes a great deal of trust for somebody to put their faith in you to carry out facial aethetic procedures. Here at Facial Aesthetics part of our ethos is that we treat everybody as we wish to be treated. It is so incredibly important to have a relationship based on trust, respect and no feelings of judgement.


Following Up 

After your consultation has finished, my clinic team will send you over a follow-up email, detailing all treatments and products and how these address any concerns that we discussed.

We never treat on the same day as your consultation to allow a cooling off period for you to take your time and reflect on all your options and if you feel that treatment is the right thing for you.

I often have new patients ask if they need a consultation as they have had certain treatments elsewhere before. However, here at Facial Aesthetics, we always start with that consultation to ensure that you are comfortable, we have a raport and we both feel you are fully informed before commiting to a procedure. 

Reviews and existing consults

Some of our treatments can call for a ‘review’ or ‘followup’ appointment. If this is the case, you will be invited back into clinic so that we can check your procedure has provided the desired results. 

These appointments are a chance for us to discuss the treatment you had, see if we want to make any minor adjustments and discuss rebooking you in for a future appointment if this is needed.

Sometimes patients will get in touch to request a consultation for a procedure they have not had before. Again, we treat this very similarly to the initial consultation, ensuring your concerns are addressed, discussed and we give you all the treatment options that would be relevant to your concern.