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We aim to share our 15 years of Expert Knowledge on Skin Treatments. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Endybleph Treatment to help you understand if the treatment is right for you, but please remember we can answer any more detailed questions at a complimentary consultation or over the telephone with one of our clinical experts, just call us on 01376 584555 or click to contact now for your customised skin consultation

EndyBleph™ FAQs

At Facial Aesthetics we combine target driven treatment protocols to provide amazing skin enhancing treatments.

The Non-Surgical eye lift: delivering safe and effective skin rejuvenation to the eye area. This combined therapy of Skin Tightening and resurfacing uses Radio Frequency delivered by ENDYMED™ Skin Science.

Julie is a Endymed Skin Tightening Expert and is an Expert Skin Practitioner providing Skin Treatments in Essex for Over 15 Years

How long does the EndyBleph™ take?
The treatment takes around 30 Minutes
How much does the EndyBleph™ cost?
I’ll let you know the exact price during your free consultation. Prices start at £550.
How many EndyBleph™ treatments will I need?
Research suggests for optimal results most people require 3 treatments at monthly intervals.
How long will the results of the EndyBleph™ last?
Trials have indicated that the results last years, and you will start to see visible results after a couple of weeks and continue to develop over several weeks as the skin produces collagen and tightens.
What are the side effects with the EndyBleph™ treatment?
Patients are likely to experience some redness and possible swelling up to 48 hours post treatment. You may also develop micro-crusting, as the skin cells renew and the resurfacing takes place. This can last for three to five days but is easy to cover with makeup.

Skin Lab FAQs

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