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We aim to share our 15 years of expert knowledge on skin treatments. Below are some frequently asked questions about the Perk skin care treatment in our Essex clinic to help you understand if the treatment is right for you, but please remember we can answer any more detailed questions at a complimentary consultation. Just click to contact now for your customised skin consultation.

Perk™ Treatment FAQs

Cleanse with benefits!

Perk™ merges a professionally delivered exfoliating treatment that includes take-home products to enhance your skin benefits. You get immediate results with your skin and lips feeling plumper and more nourished.

Providing Skin Treatments in Essex for Over 15 Years

How does the Perk treatment work?
The Perk treatment uses a roller-flex technology to gently remove surface layer dead skin cells and impurities while delivering vital antioxidants. Pores are gently flexed as the roller ball embeds nutrients, ensuring absorption and revealing a fresh new you. After the treatment your skin will feel amazing, with a radiant glow.
What are the benefits of the Perk treatment?
It is generally recommended to have a course of treatments which can help with the following skin complaints:
• Acne Scaring.
• Sun damaged and aged skin.
How often should I have a Perk Treatment?
We recommend receiving a Perk treatment every 30 days to enhance and maintain the health of your skin; this is also around the time where your take-home serums will be running low. However, Perk is gentle enough to receive weekly, as long as you are not receiving chemical peels or any other types of aggressive exfoliation treatments in conjunction with Perk treatment.
Is Perk right for me?
Perk uses serums that are carefully formulated with antioxidants that are gentle enough for all skin types. If you have a shellfish, Vitamin C, or gluten allergy, please notify us prior to treatment, if you have an allergic reaction, rinse your skin with cool water and contact the clinic. Perk is not suitable if an active skin infection. Those with a history of irregular skin healing or those who have taken isotretinoin (Roaccutane®) within the last 6 months are also not advised to undergo treatment.
Are there any side effects from the Perk Treatment?
Depending on your skins’ level of sensitivity, skin might be a little rosy following a Perk treatment, but this will subside quickly. Because you are receiving an exfoliation combined with potent performing ingredients, this may cause the skin to turn rosy.
How long does the Perk treatment take?
The Perk philosophy is healthy, radiant results, in minutes. Perk is designed to be performed in less than 10 minutes. If you choose all three services, you’ll be out the door in less than 30 minutes.
Is the treatment painful?
A Perk treatment is a very gentle, liquid exfoliation combined with a light pressured vacuum suction.
How much does the Perk treatment cost?
Prices start at £38, but a course of treatments are generally recommended.
What do I need to do after having a Perk Treatment?
Be gentle with your skin afterwards; it is not recommended to use any harsh exfoliators for about a week after treatment. On an on-going basis we recommend wearing sun cream and skincare products to protect and maintain the skin health, your practitioner will recommend a regime most suitable for you, which will also help maintain the results.

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