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At Facial Aesthetics we pride ourselves on delivering exceptionally high patient care where the patient is the focus of all of our goals. The following section should provide you with all the information about our treatments. You can rest assured we are always here for you should you need any reassurance and our expert team will offer expert advice should the unlikely event happen that you have any complications.

Your Medical Skin Consultation – By Julie

If you’re looking for an aesthetics clinic where you will feel safe, informed, and listened to as an individual – not rushed, pressured, or scared – Facial Aesthetics is here for you.

The relationships I aspire to build with my patients allows me to gain their trust, and take their skin on a journey over a long term period.  Whether it is to smooth away lines and wrinkles, remove unsightly thread veins, or simply need effective advice about skin care, I will create a bespoke treatment plan just for you. Often patients come to me with a certain treatment in mind that they may have read about online or in a magazine, but my job is to educate, offer a thorough consultation and my professional advice on all possible treatments. 

Choosing a treatment is not a simple case of picking something from a shelf. Your skin is unique, so the way I think about, and treat, your skin concerns must meet your individual needs. I work with you to ensure it looks and feels amazing, I will conduct a thorough medical skin consultation including a computerised skin analysis to get to know you and to understand your skin. Once we’ve customised your treatment plan, we may even determine that the treatment you initially requested isn’t the treatment you require.  

I have a holistic approach to any medical treatment that I offer, meaning before I offer any treatment I will understand what your presenting complaint is, take a full medical history where I’ll ask about your health status, medical complaints and any drugs you take, past medical history, diet, lifestyle and how you look after your skin. I’ll then conduct an examination which includes a computerised skin analysis to learn about your skin from the inside out. Using this information, I’ll work together with you to create your personalised treatment plan. We will then run through all the possible treatment options, what’s involved, and what the possible risks are. Together we will determine if the treatment will maximise the outcome while minimising the risk. You will be given brochure information together with your proposed treatment plan and time to reflect before treatment commences. 

Please do remember in some circumstances I may determine that a treatment isn’t appropriate, which can be for a variety of reasons, but always remember my decision making stems from my medical experience and duty of care. To reiterate despite your enthusiasm for a treatment you will always be offered time to reflect and consider the information that’s been given to you so that when you do potentially embark on a treatment course, you haven’t felt rushed or pressured in any way. To comply with regulations, prescription treatments will never be carried out the same day as consultation. This is so important as you need time for reflection and to really appreciate the risks versus the end result along with the psychosocial outcomes of the treatment. The following review of a beautiful young lady is so powerful and shows my approach to consultation.


Summary of your Medical Consultation

Your Presenting Complaint • Full Medical History • Medical Examination Diagnosis • Treatment Planning • Prognosis • Consenting to Risk • Time for Reflection • Booking Treatment for Future Date • 
• Follow Up • Continuing the Patient Journey


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