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Do you have a general question for the experts that you’ve always wanted to ask, but forget to bring up during a consultation? Maybe you want to know a bit more about what’s in dermal fillers, or perhaps you’ve just always wondered what the difference is between ‘bunny lines’ and ‘crow’s feet’! Please use the form below to submit your question either in written or video format, and scroll to view some of our previously answered questions.

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"Do I really need to start wearing SPF in my 20s? I don't have any sun damage yet so I don't really see the point!" - Sarah W.

SPF is the most important anti-ageing tool you can possibly use! But to best answer your question, our patient Helen does a brilliant job of explaining the importance of SPF in the video above.

"I'm going through menopause at the moment. Can that effect my skin?" - Elaine R.

There are many ways menopause can effect your skin, but thankfully the experts are here to help. Please view the video above for an overview of how menopause interacts with the skin and remember we are always here for a consultation – just contact the clinic

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