According to the old saying, ladies don’t sweat, they glow. Call it what you will, excess sweating is no laughing matter—as your silk tops will testify.  Julie was more than happy when asked by Etre Vous to explain the benefits of using toxin treatment (Botox) for the medically termed condition, Hyperhidrosis.

An extract from the Rebecca Barnes’ article:

Botulinum toxin has been used to treat excess underarm sweating for some time now. Using shallow injections to inject tiny amounts of toxin just under the skin, it works by temporarily blocking the action of the nerves which activate the  sweat glands.

With Julie adding:

“My patients come in for a treatment and leave with no discomfort. It is a straightforward procedure, which for the patient is relatively comfortable when done professionally. It involves no downtime, it has long-lasting results, it is effective – it simply works. What this provides in terms of self-esteem and emotional wellbeing is  wonderful.”

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