When Beauty Uncovered editor Chloé Gronow started experiencing problem skin during pregnancy, she turned to Julie Scott of Facial Aesthetics for help. As it turns out, the ‘pregnancy glow’ can be a bit of a myth! Chloé writes…

“Despite a few easily manageable spots the week before my period is due each month, my skin has been in pretty decent condition for the past few years. That was until I got pregnant.

At the time of writing, I’m 34 weeks pregnant and still awaiting that longed-for ‘pregnancy glow’! So, I’ve sought the advice of Julie Scott – an aesthetic nurse prescriber with lots of experience in treating female skin.”

Julie collaborated with Chloé on the rest of the article, explaining causes and treatment tips for acne, melasma, skin tags, and redness and dryness.

The skin changes so much during pregnancy and available treatments and skincare ingredients are limited. It can be a challenging time, but if you are struggling with or have questions about skin during pregnancy and breastfeeding, please contact the clinic for a consultation.

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