Hello everyone! I have recently started taking Skinade and I wanted to share the benefits I have discovered. This is a daily vitamin drink that’s either added to water or pre-diluted from a bottle. It is designed to promote healthy skin, nails and hair, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also increases skin suppleness, hydration and radiance. So overall it helps your skin, hair and nails in countless ways!

So why is Skinade not a tablet? Tablets only have around a 30%-40% absorption rate, whereas Skinade sachets/bottles have a 90%-95% absorption rate. So, one bottle is equivalent to 20 tablets. Being in the form of a drink is also far easier to stomach. It has a lovely tropical and fruity taste, and is obviously far easier to take if you are as bad as I am when it comes to taking tablets!

What is in Skinade?

From one bottle or sachet you get all the nutrients you need for better skin. This includes vitamins B, C, MSM, l-lysine, hydrolysed marine collagen and organic flax seed oil. All in the lovely natural flavour of mangosteen and peach.

How do you take it?

All you need is either a ready-to-drink 150ml bottle or a travel 15ml concentrate sachet, which you add to half a glass of cold water – simple! I use the sachets daily and have really started seeing improvements in my skin and also in my overall health. My immune system has really improved, and I feel a lot healthier overall. Although I am young, I still feel the need to care for my skin with Skinade as it is never too early to care for your skin and prevention is definitely better than cure. So, I couldn’t recommend Skinade any higher – it’s amazing!

Skinade also makes another drink called Skinade Clear which is specifically targeted towards acneic skin. Some of my friends have tried it and it has really helped them along with a new skincare routine!

To learn more about Skinade or Skinade Clear, try a sample, or place an order, please contact Facial Aesthetics at facial_aesthetics@hotmail.com or 07769 692710.