My name is Théa; I am 14 years old and the daughter of Julie Scott at Facial Aesthetics. I have been gifted with an amazing mum who can give me a wealth of advice when it comes down to skin, and I would really love to share my journey with you.

In this teen skin blog, I will be reviewing and experiencing different cleansers, masks, facials and much, much more and taking you with me.

Firstly, I will give you a bit of background about me: I adore animals, I have two goats and love horse riding. My favourite subjects are chemistry and biology, which may have a link to my fascination with skin and I have even queried whether I should delve into the industry … or become and equine vet! From a young age of about 11 I started using skin products with the guidance of my mum. She always said prevention is better than cure, and she was right! I truly believe that if I hadn’t cared about my skin then I would be in a very different position now.

If you have any daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, a neighbour or if you yourself are a teen this will be a great place for me to explain to you the fluctuations and variety of teen skin and how you can seek new information and products. This is going to be a adventure of teen skin! So please follow me on my quest… and follow our instagram account @facial_aethetics and I will be giving updates when I upload a new blog! 



Featured mask: Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment