“It’s time to reclaim your skin #SkinHealthStartsHere”. Celebrity endorsed HydraFacial™ is a medical led facial that deeply hydrates the skin and forms part of many treatment protocols as the first step to restored skin health”

Treatment Overview

Unlike shorter treatments at other clinics at Facial Aesthetics we provide an hour long Medi-Facial that invigorates the skin, leaving it fleeing plumped and revitalised. Having had a detailed Visia Skin Analysis, the HydraFacial is the ultimate medical skin-facial, it is the celebrity favourite non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment. The treatment combines an award winning sequence of Deep Cleansing, Extraction, Exfoliation, Hydration with Powerful anti-oxidant protection, rounded off with the patented Déesse LED phototherapy mask.

In the words of Tatler’s Beauty editor
“Unlike other facials where you loll on a treatment bed, slowly drifting into a vegetative state, this ‘Medi-Facial’ keeps you very much awake – and the same can be said for your skin. The entire treatment is performed through the HydraFacial machine, whirring nozzles that glides methodically across your face. Dead cells are dissolved and lifted off; super-hydrating serums are pumped back in, before a nice dose of healing red light plumps things up. You and your skin will be left beaming”.

Quick Information Guide

Treatment Time: 60 minutes depending on the area/s treated

No. of Treatments: Usually 1 every 4/6 weeks.

Recovery: 2-4 days for the skin to settle.

Back to Work: Same day

Cost: Prices start from £130

Anaesthetic: None

Visible results: Immediately *

Length of results: 4/6 weeks*

Possible complications: Redness, swelling, allergic reaction.* – Click here for more info.

*Everyone is unique, the information on this page is a guide, results and reactions may vary.


We hope by providing the below impartial information you will be able to determine if this treatment is right for you.

Why We Love HydraFacial:

  • Gives you that glow both inside and out!.
  • Amazing at normalising and preparing the skin as part of a customised treatment plan.
  • The ultimate skin-health boost, infusing anti-oxidants, vitamins and peptides to really hydrate and nourish your skin.
  • We use this for optimal skin-health and as part of most of our treatment programmes.

“I Checked my face in the mirror and the treatment has knocked 10 years off me” – Melanie Sykes

Introducing HydraFacial

Sponge Analogy – HydraFacial Explained

HydraFacial the machine!

HydraFacial as shown on CBS

What’s all the fuss about with HydraFacial!

Get that inner and outer glow and see why HydraFacial has a social media buzz

Exclusive Articles About the Treatment

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Conditions Treated by HydraFacial:

HydraFacial can be used to maintain restore your Skin-Health and is the go to treatment to prepare your skin for other treatments. Perfect for…..

Skin Health

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Patient Before and After Images:

We hope the before and after images below will help show what dramatic changes can be made with our treatments.

*Note: Treatment results may vary

Patient Reviews: Excellent 5 Reviews

The power of positive reviews is why at Facial Aesthetics North Essex Skin Care Clinic, many of our clients refer us to friends and family, and why we are regarded as the best for skin health in Essex. We are an Expert Skin Care Clinic near Chelmsford Essex


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    Review By Amy -A beautiful clinic in wonderful surroundings. If you are looking for professionalism and brilliant results then Facial Aesthetics is the place to go.”

    Review By Anon – A treatment with Sam was absolutely amazing. Her delicate touch made the medical facial actually feel quite pampering even for a man!.”

    Review By Anon – I have been going to this clinic for over 10 years. First class in every way, would never go elsewhere.”

    Review By Perry – I have been visiting Julie for many years. she is both friendly and professional. I live in Basildon so its quite a journey for me but I wouldn’t trust anybody else. ”

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    Below are selected Frequently Asked Questions about the HydraFacial treatment.

    How does the HydraFacial™ treatment work?
    The HydraFacial treatment consists of a six stage process which helps detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells, extract impurities and then suffuses the skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturising serums. The treatment provides long lasting hydration and essential nutrient support that protects and rebuilds collagen levels, improving your skin-health.
    What are the benefits of the HydraFacial™ treatment?
    You will see an immediate improvement in your skins tone and texture, although to see visible long lasting results it is generally recommended to have a course of treatments which can help with the following skin complaints
    • Acne Scaring
    • Acne
    • Enlarged pores
    • Sun damaged and aged skin
    Is HydraFacial™ right for me?
    HydraFacial is designed for all ages, skin colours and types. Even the most sensitive skin can tolerate HydraFacial. At Facial Aesthetics we tailor your treatment and choose serums for your personal skin conditions and needs. The serums are carefully formulated with antioxidants that are gentle enough for all skin types. If you have a shellfish, Vitamin C, or gluten allergy, please notify us prior to treatment, if you have an allergic reaction, rinse your skin with cool water and contact the clinic.
    Are there any side effects from the HydraFacial™ Treatment?
    Depending on your skins’ level of sensitivity, skin might be a little rosy following a HydraFacial treatment, but this will subside quickly. Because you are receiving an exfoliation combined with potent performing ingredients, this may cause the skin to turn rosy.

    Click Here to read more Frequently Asked Questions about the HydraFacial treatment to help you understand if the treatment is right for you, but please remember we can answer any more detailed questions at a complimentary consultation, over the telephone with one of our clinical experts or by completing the below contact form.

    Treatment Guidelines:

    Click Here to review our treatment guidelines, your procedures will go more smoothly with a quicker healing time, reduced bruising and enhanced results if you adhere to some of our simple guidelines.

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