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The fast pace of modern life can create undue stress on the body. It also causes fatigue and disrupts the body’s healing processes. Stress causes in an increase in cortisol in the body and can impact internal body function, which manifests in skin dryness, acne and lack of luminosity.

So if you want to de-stress your skin you need to de-stress your mind and body too. To get started with a mindfulness programme please try one of the below meditation videos.


Follow these simple steps:

  • Spare yourself 5-10 minutes every day for mindful relaxation
  • Find a calm and relaxing space
  • Get nice and comfortable
  • Start one of the below meditation videos
  • Close your eyes
  • Start a meditative breathing cycle of Breathing in your nose for 5 seconds… holding for 3 Seconds…… And Exhale for 6 seconds.
  • Repeat while listening to the relaxing rhythm of the meditative music


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