Thread Vein Removal

“At Facial Aesthetics we use a process known as Thermocoagulation which seals the thread vein walls, causing them to instantly disappear, making you feel less self-conscious about yourself!”

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Treatment Overview

Spider Veins or Thread Veins are cosmetically unsightly, but we have a treatment for them at our Essex Clinic! They are too fine to be treated like other veins, but the thermo-coagulation of Veinwave / ThermaVein is an effective solution for treating small veins on the face, such as those troublesome areas on the nose and cheeks. We have been providing this Thread Vein Treatment at our Essex Clinic for the successful removal of unsightly Spider Veins for over 15 years – See our Google Reviews for how our patients love the treatment!.

Thermo-coagulation is based on a high-frequency wave producing a thermal lesion with the protection of the skin, equipped with a magnifying loop, a very fine needle is inserted into the vein and it disappears instantaneously. The single-use sterile needle is covered with an insulating sheath which protects the skin, enabling a targeted action.

The sensation is similar to a warm pinprick, others relate it to a minor sting which doesn’t linger – often it depends upon the location of the treatment.

Immediately after the treatment, you can resume everyday activities, however, it is advisable to avoid the sun for a couple of days or use sunblock. After a few day’s very small micro crusts like the marks from a cat scratch can appear where Veinwave / ThermaVein needle has been applied. This is normal and no special care is required and generally heals within a few days. A top-up treatment is offered at 8 weeks, at that time we are best able to see if any small veins remain.

As with any treatment, it is possible to develop more thread veins but those too can be treated!

Quick Information Guide:

Treatment Time: 60 minutes depending on the area/s treated

Consultation: Free Consultation – Why don’t you book in to have a no obligation chat about permanent thread vein, spider vein and red vein removal and see why so many of our patients recommend us!

Number of Treatments: Usually 1-2, but complimentary top-up where necessary

Treatment Areas and Common Names for the Procedure: Spider Veins, Thread Vein Treatment, Thread Vein Removal, Red Vein Removal, Small Facial Veins.

Links: Our clients rate us as being the best Thread Vein Removal Clinic in Essex. We feature in www.myfacemybody.com and the clinic finder www.findhealthclinics.com and UK Health Centre registered. We also feature in www.consultingroom.com and www.whatclinic.com

Recovery: 7-14 days, but redness will occur immediately

Back to Work: Same day

Cost: Veinwave for Thread Vein Prices start from £300

Anaesthetic:Numbing cream Applied

Visible results: 7-10 days*

Length of results: Permanent – but new Thread Veins may appear*

Why us: Our patients regard us as having the Best Thread Vein treatments in Essex. Read what they say in our Thread Vein Patient Review section and our 5.0* Spider vein Removal Essex Google + Reviews.

Patients Travel From All Over Essex for Spider Vein, Thread Vein and Red Vein removal: Basildon, Bishops Stortford, Braintree Essex, Brentwood, Chelmsford Essex, Colchester Essex, Dunmow, Kent, London, Maldon, North Essex, Southend-on-Sea, Wickford and Witham. The award for the furthest is Monaco!

Possible complications: Redness, swelling, allergic reaction and delayed wound healing.* Click Here for our Thread Vein Treatment Protocols for more info.

*Everyone is unique, the information on this page is a guide, results and reactions may vary.


We hope by providing the below impartial information you will be able to
determine if this treatment is right for you.

Why We Love Veinwave:

  • You literally see the unsightly thread veins disappear in front of your eyes.
  • Banishes thread-veins, making you feel less self-conscious

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Conditions Treated by Veinwave / ThermaVein Treatment:

Veinwave can be used to treat many common concerns. Below are some commonly treated conditions:

Facial Veins
Red Veins
Spider Veins
Thread Veins


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Patient Before and After Images:

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